How it all started

Who We Are

I'm a mom of two boys and it brings me no greater joy then keeping my family happy and healthy. Colloidal Silver became a big part of our lives when I started learning all the amazing things it did!

I now keep it well stocked all year round. I use it on my kids for ear aches, skin rashes or infections, colds, flu, stomach aches and just about anything that involves a sickness.

The problem was when any of us got sick we would all start taking it and we would go through a 32oz bottle that cost $42 in less then a week! Some other companies charge even $60-$80 for that size of a bottle depending where you get it. It got so expensive to take what we needed to get well and forget about taking it as maintenance everyday because it cost way too much!

This is when I decided to invest in a micro-particle colloidal silver generator of my own so I could make my own colloidal silver whenever I wanted and as much as I wanted. We now consume it daily in small amounts for maintenance but If any of us start to feel run down or start to get the sniffles we immediately increase the amount we take and it will either eliminate it altogether or will cut the sickness down dramatically in a very short period of time.

The price of colloidal silver is so overpriced! This is why I started Superior Colloidal Silver so I can offer top-notch micro-particle Colloidal Silver at a reasonable price so that those moms (or anyone) that wanted it for their family would be able to get it and not spend a fortune for it.

If you are new to Colloidal Silver I encourage you to research the many benefits for yourself. I think you will be impressed what it can do for you and your family.

I have used it personally for simple things as colds/flus for my family, sinus infections for my husband, an abscess tooth in my cat and a bad skin infection on my son's leg. We now take about an ounce a day (shot glass size) for maintenance.

Of course I can't claim what it will do for you, I can only share my own personal experience with how it has helped our family. I encourage you to read other testimonies on the internet from other users.