Home Remedies For Colds, Flu and Other Infections

Colloidal Silver Liquid

* Home Remedies For Colds/Flu (an ounce a day helps boost immunity and fight infections. If you feel a sickness coming on, more can be taken for a short period of time until the sickness has gone away)

* Food Poisoning (drink the liquid)

* Upper Respiratory Infections (use a nebulizer)

* Sore Throats (gargle with the liquid)

*Earaches (put a couple of drops in the infected ear and let it soak in for at least 6 minutes)

* Pink Eye or any other eye infections  (put a couple of drops in eye 3 times a day)

* Sinus Infections (use a squeeze spray bottle and squeeze/spray 3 times a day in each nostril)

* Pet Use (put some in your pet's water dish to keep them healthy or for severe cases give them 1tsp in a syringe by mouth for several days)

Colloidal Silver Spray

 * Preventing Tooth Decay/Plaque Buildup/Bleeding Gums (spray on your toothbrush before brushing and then spray your toothbrush when finished. Will kill germs until next brushing)

* Cuts/Sores (spray on cuts)

* Skin Rashes  (spray on rashes caused by poison ivy or poison oak. Relieves itching and pain and helps healing.

*Sore Throats (just like gargling with the liquid you can also spray 2-4 times in your mouth 2-3 times a day.

Colloidal Silver Gel

* Skin Rashes  (put gel on rashes caused by poison ivy or poison oak. Relieves itching and pain and helps healing.

* Skin Infections (put gel on skin infection 3 times a day. Cover with bandage if need be. Also take liquid internally).

* Pet Use (put gel on pet's skin for rashes, cuts or injuries to the skin)

How To Prove Colloidal Silver Kills Bacteria - The Milk Test

If you are curious if Colloidal Silver really kills bacteria there is a simple test you can do at home. It's called the milk test. Simply take two glasses and pour some regular milk in each glass. In one of the glasses pour about 1 ounce (shot glass full) of Colloidal Silver into the milk and stir it with a spoon so it gets mixed in. So why are we doing this? As you know the bacteria in milk will begin to curdle if not put in the refrigerator.

Leave both glasses on the counter for three days. What you will see happen after the third day is the glass of milk with the Colloidal Silver will not curdle up but the glass of milk without the Colloidal Silver will curdle up. This shows you that the milk with the Colloidal Silver killed the bacteria in the milk proving that Colloidal Silver indeed kills bacteria. It's a simple but profound test!

How To Prove There Is Really Silver In Your Colloidal Silver - The Laser Test

If you really want to know if there is silver in your Colloidal Silver simply buy a red laser pointer pen. Pour regular distilled water into one glass and pour some of your Colloidal Silver into another glass. Talk the red laser light and shine it from the top through the glass. It's best to do this in a dark room as it is easier to see the red light. You will notice that with the distilled water it does not shine through the water as there is nothing in distilled water for the light to bounce off of. Now shine it in the Colloidal Silver glass and you will see the red light going all the way through the water because it is bouncing off the silver particles in the water. Of course, never look at the red laser directly as it could damage your eyes.

Things To Be Aware Of About Colloidal Silver

As I'm sure you know there is nothing that is completely fool proof or that will guarantee to keep you from getting sick including Colloidal Silver. There are a lot of things that factor into getting sick including our lifestyle, what we eat, how much sleep we get, exercise and how strong our immune system is overall. With this said, taking Colloidal Silver will not guarantee you will never get sick but it can help shorten the duration and intensity of a sickness. 

Sometimes it's also a good idea to add other immune boosting supplements along with Colloidal Silver to help the immune system fight better. Some people think by taking Colloidal Silver they will be immune from ever getting sick again and that's not the case. Colloidal Silver is able to kill over 650 different infectious microorganisms but there are many out there that for whatever reason Colloidal Silver does not  help with. So at some point you may get sick even while taking Colloidal Silver but that's when you can find other immune boosting supplements to help support your body's natural healing capabilities.