Learn How To Kill Germs Naturally Around The House

Household Uses (Spray and let sit...do not wipe...kills germs in 6 minutes)

How To Kill Germs Naturally

*Toilet Seats and Handles (spray on the handles and seats in your bathroom)

* Door Knobs (spray on all door knobs throughout your house)

* Counter Tops (spray on the counters and let sit...do  not wipe off)

* Make Up Sponges (spray and let dry)

* Toothbrushes (make your own Colloidal Silver toothpaste by spraying 6 sprays on any toothpaste and brush. Then spray a few sprays on your toothbrush and let sit. Will kill the germs until the next brushing.

* Kitchen and Bathroom Sponges (spray on all sponges and let dry)

* Shoes (spray lightly inside of shoes and let dry. Kills the germs and reduces the bad smell.

* Hand Sanitizer (spray on your hands and let dry when you are unable to wash your hands)

* Pet Water Dish (add some to your pet's water dish to eliminate bacteria growth and also to help your pets stay healthy)

Pet Injuries/Infections (put Colloidal Silver Gel on topically for injuries and give liquid internally for infections. Either add to water or in severe cases give 1 teaspoon by mouth with a syringe.

* Acne (spray on acne breakouts and let dry)

* Baby's High Chair (spray and let dry)

* Dining Table (spray and let dry)

* Mopping (add to your mop water)

What's PPM and Is More Better?

PPM in Colloidal Silver has been debated for a long time that more is better. But the age old saying "Less is more" applies here too. PPM stands for "parts per million" and is the actual weight of silver in the water not the number of particles. This is important to understand because the weight of the silver is not as important as the size of the particles. 

A lot of companies are claiming to have much higher ppm and are claiming they are more effective but the question to ask is what is the size of the particles in the higher ppm solutions? Usually higher ppm solutions have bigger silver particle sizes and the body has a hard time absorbing the bigger particles as opposed to a much smaller micro-particle size which can be easily absorbed and used by the body. 

So, in other words, a 10ppm solution that has micro-particle sized silver is way more effective then a 20ppm solution with bigger particle sizes as you are actually absorbing and utilizing much more silver with the 10ppm solution.

The generator we use for Superior Colloidal Silver makes a 10ppm solution with a particle size of .0008 which is eight ten-thousands of a single micron which allows us to make a very powerful silver solution.